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Andrew Henderson

When he isn't explaining the cultural significance of the Final Fantasy series, Andrew Henderson can be found most days hiding indoors from the oh-so-scary world. But don't write him off just yet, the man has beaten all 3 Dark Souls there you go.

Likes: RPGs, coffee, craft beer
Dislikes: Direct confrontation

Twitter: @arhenderson
Instagram: @hen06du 


Kyle Harper

When he’s not playing Hearthstone, Kyle can be found creating another new character in Skyrim or smothering his cat in affection. Some say he’s out there, still chasing the high that he got playing “Magic: The Gathering” in high school.

Likes: Skill trees, French press coffee, Pokemon
Dislikes: Wet socks, gatekeeping, cardio

Twitter: @kharpermusic
Instagram: @kharpermusic


Matt Cole

A certified deep diver in the seas of Wikipedia, Matt is the guy behind those insanely obscure, yet oddly specific references. Insanely obscure yet oddly specific is also a great way to describe his personality. Also, his best Mario Maker level still only has one clear.

Likes: Nintendo, platformers, Diet Coke
Dislikes: RPGs, Kirby mains, Mac Demarco

Twitter: @mc_dj_mc
Instagram: @mj_dj_mc

Todd Bio.jpg

Todd Thomas

If he's not running or doing Crossfit, Todd enjoys drinking coffee and eating his weight in pizza. A big fan of a good wheat beer and strategy games, Todd is very likely to start most board games with no real strategy and 30 minutes later just kind of hope something works out.

Likes: The Office, day drinking, cardio
Dislikes: Folding laundry, IPAs, racism

Twitter: @tsquare87
Instagram: @tsquare87