SIDEBAR: Hulk Ruffalo and The Big Thorbowski


The release of Avengers: Endgame marks the end of an 11-year saga. A saga which, quite frankly, many of us thought would never actually work out. But much like our 20s (excluding Matt), the Avengers saga is done, and we are now left only with one underlying question: What happens now? The boys spend their time sharing their thoughts about what’s next for the MCU, as well as impressions and hot takes after seeing the movie.

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Episode 6: Friends Don’t Let Friends Commit Domestic Terrorism

Everyone needs a partner, even superheroes. This week on Debate This!, we discuss the best comic book bromances. Kyle introduces us to the best hard-drinkin buddy cop duo imaginable and Matt shows us how DC Comics is trying to be progressive. Oh, and Todd gets all America on everyone’s ass.

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