Episode 39: Tom Nook's Strungle in the Jungle (ft. Tom Zalatnai)

For the first stop as part of this year's Spooktacular Express, we're going to visit the delightful and whimsical world of Animal Crossing, where everyone is always happy, smiling, and certainly not murdered. So imagine our surprise when our passengers' visit was cut short by the news that Mayor Tortimer's dead body was found floating in the river covered in stab wounds. And it's up to us to find the killer.

Special thanks to our guest moderator, and all-around wonderful human Tom Zalatnai! Do you like an open discussion forum and improv comedy? Check out Up For Discussion. And there's no way you aren't gonna love Blasting Off Again, his Pokemon series watch-along. Ever feel the need to explore every single episode of Frasier? They're Calling Again is just that! You can listen to all of Tom's work at upfordnetwork.com, and wherever you download podcasts.

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