FLAVOR TEXT: Magic: The Gathering (Pt. 1)

On this month’s Flavor Text, we’re tapping all our mana to summon one of the biggest and most complex lore monsters out there today. That’s right nerds, we’ve unpacked the story behind Magic: The Gathering. And, what started as a strained recounting turned into one of the most fucking straight-up metal fantasy stories any of us has ever heard.

The art behind Magic is tight! Here’s an album of the artwork Kyle referenced.

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Episode 9: With Apologies to Vincent Diesel

Hollywood loves a good reboot. So that’s why we’ve decided to chase our dreams of being screenwriters and reboot our favorite classic sitcoms with video game characters. Todd whips out his extensive knowledge of Fallout, Andrew dredges up the worst Legend of Zelda sidekicks, and Kyle explores the interpersonal dynamic between Pokemon’s Red/Ash and Blue/Gary.

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