Episode 37: How Many Yards Are In a Yeet?

Our boy Link has recovered a lot of equipment in the form of treasure throughout the years. From bombs to arrows to slingshots, his arsenal is a veritable tool belt for adventuring. So this week, we ask: What if you could take only one of Link’s items on a deserted island? Todd stands by the grabby/pointy Hookshot, Andrew builds a block-based economy with the Cane of Somaria, and Kyle fus-ro-dahs coconuts into the horizon with the Deku Leaf.

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Episode 17: David Schwimmer’s Furry Paradise

Gorons, Zora, Koroks, little kids with runny noses...if only The Legend of Zelda games could just be Link, Zelda, and Ganon. We’ve seen plenty of goofy side characters over the years, but there are a few that just stand out as especially awful. Between a codependent fish princess to a self-proclaimed bug monarch to a straight-up racist uncle, we highlight the worst of the one-dimensional characters littered across Hyrule.

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SIDEBAR 3: Video Game Creepypastas (Pt. 1)

The idea of creepypastas was a weird mid-00s Internet phenomenon. A product of the message board era, creepypastas are ghost stories posted across a series of forum posts. Naturally, there are a ton of these out there based on video games, so we’re going to share some of our favorites.

WARNING: Some of these stories touch on serious subject matters, such as suicide and child abuse. If you are sensitive to this kind of content, please check out our other episodes.

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Episode 16: Werewolves Don't Always Wear Jorts

Spooktacular Express continues this as we talk about classic movie monsters. In the usual Debate This! flair, we ask ourselves what if old-timey movie monsters got their hands on a video game power-up. We’re serving up a ooky spooky potluck chock full of metal vampires, a Time Lord mummy, and werewolves who just gotta go fast.

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SIDEBAR 2: Scary Games Discussion

Here at Debate This! We love Halloween. So we’re bringing you a new episode each week during the month of October all focused on our favorite spooky content. This week, we’ll be taking off the boxing gloves to have a gentlemen’s discussion around horror in video games, and what truly makes a game scary.

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Episode 9: With Apologies to Vincent Diesel

Hollywood loves a good reboot. So that’s why we’ve decided to chase our dreams of being screenwriters and reboot our favorite classic sitcoms with video game characters. Todd whips out his extensive knowledge of Fallout, Andrew dredges up the worst Legend of Zelda sidekicks, and Kyle explores the interpersonal dynamic between Pokemon’s Red/Ash and Blue/Gary.

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Episode 3: Ocarina, Schmockarina

This week’s Debate This! attempts to set the Internet on fire with our discussion of what is arguably the most beloved video game: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Is it truly a national treasure, or is it all hype? This might be a point of contention, but we can all agree the people who pronounce “Ocarina” with a hard ‘o’ (like joke) are all monsters.

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