Episode 26: Butt Thwomp Nation

Despite the fact that we’ve made it abundantly clear that we don’t know Science, our field team at Debate This Labs are studying the various colors of Yoshis to answer one very important question: Which color of Yoshi is the best? Is it the fire-breathing red yoshi, the flying blue yoshi, or the butt-thwomping yellow yoshi? There can only be one champion in the ensuing Yoshi Race Wars, because those are the imaginary stakes we’ve established today.

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Episode 22: It Takes Two to Orangutango

War. War never changes. Except when the latest Fallout game gets bored with its lack of NPCs and decides to incorporate a hipster gorilla, malicious disembodied hands, and a delusional man shouting about “catching ‘em all.” In addition to our pitch for this new, unofficial DLC, we add to our pantheon of false actor gods.

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Episode 13: Why is The Rock So Sweaty?

The Leader. The Muscle. The Charmer. The Wild Card. From the Beatles, to the Turtles, to The Fantastic Four, all of the best teams have these archetypes covered. But, does this setup apply to just any set of character? This week, we are creating our own A-Team out of NPCs from some of our favorite games. Todd flies on a rocket-powered bicep, Matt melts our brains with FNAF lore, and Andrew rides ze shoopuf.

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Episode 11: The Devil Went Down to My Potluck

Bible school, Sunday picnics, spaghetti dinners...we all have our own personal experiences with Religion, but thank Whatever-God-You-Believe-In that real religions aren’t like the ones in video games. In this episode, we unpack some bonkers religions found in video games. Andrew reps a giant whale, Todd flings peasants into the sunset, and Matt rocks out with his naughty bits out.

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