Episode 33: Make America Gotta Go Fast...Again

Oh Sonic...our very fast boy with a very complicated past. He’s been a street fighter, an Olympic athlete, a zero gravity surfboard racer, and even a knight facing off against King Arthur. We decided to give everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog yet another second chance by fixing some of Sonic’s more pained gimmicks. Our crack team of armchair-quarterbacking game designers are proposing massive overhauls to Sonic and The Secret Rings, the Werehog, and the edgy ‘dark’ version of Sonic whose power is gun-having.

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Episode 29: In Between Pennywise Thighs

The Top Generals of the World’s Military need our help! The R&D department of Debate ThisI Corp. has been tasked with developing a new weaponized vehicle, so naturally we’re going to pull blueprints from games because that is a totally normal thing to do. Instead of boring old helicopters, how about the AV-49 Wasp from Halo? Why drive that tank when you could fire napalm from a reinforced ice cream truck? Bomber planes not providing the ummph you need? This warp star is guaranteed to provide much more explode-ier results!

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Episode 21: The Actual Tripp Pants of Shia LaBeouf (ft. Alex Clark)

Kingdom Hearts is the unexpectedly glorious mashup of Disney characters and Final Fantasy. With the release of Kingdom Hearts III fast approaching, we’re going to try and capitalize on its success by creating our own mashups of two beloved franchises. These games have everything: sentient yoga pants, Pyramid Head’s warm apple pies, a sober Johnny Depp, and an uncomfortable amount of zippers.

Special thanks to our guest, Alex Clark! You can check out all his work at youtube.com/itsalexclark and follow him @itsalexclark.

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SIDEBAR 3: Video Game Creepypastas (Pt. 2)

Part 2 of our super spooky creepypastas continues. This week, we are covering the black hole of misery that is Petscop and are digging up another classic Pokemon tale with even more murder!

WARNING: Some of these stories touch on serious subject matters, such as suicide and child abuse. If you are sensitive to this kind of content, please check out our other episodes.

In case you missed our livestream of Until Dawn, you can head over to twitch.tv/debatethiscast to watch Andrew inadvertently kill a gaggle of horny teens.

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Episode 16: Werewolves Don't Always Wear Jorts

Spooktacular Express continues this as we talk about classic movie monsters. In the usual Debate This! flair, we ask ourselves what if old-timey movie monsters got their hands on a video game power-up. We’re serving up a ooky spooky potluck chock full of metal vampires, a Time Lord mummy, and werewolves who just gotta go fast.

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