FLAVOR TEXT 1: Kingdom Hearts

Gel up your spiky hair and break out your magical key swords, because Kingdom Hearts III is here! As our inaugural episode of FLAVOR TEXT, we’re breaking from the normal format to have Andrew feed you and the rest of the guys the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts story so far. Everything is on the table, from mainline games to handheld mobile games, HD remixes, card battlers, interquel movies, arbitrary virtual simulations, and dreams within dreams. This is your last chance to turn back.

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Episode 11: The Devil Went Down to My Potluck

Bible school, Sunday picnics, spaghetti dinners...we all have our own personal experiences with Religion, but thank Whatever-God-You-Believe-In that real religions aren’t like the ones in video games. In this episode, we unpack some bonkers religions found in video games. Andrew reps a giant whale, Todd flings peasants into the sunset, and Matt rocks out with his naughty bits out.

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Episode 5: Might, Magic, and Mario

In the last years of the SNES life cycle came a game that grew a whole new generation of RPG fans: Super Mario RPG. Fans are still clamoring for the sequel that never came. Instead, we received two new franchises as spiritual successors in the form of the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. We discuss whether or not the new games successfully improved upon the original, but Todd instead focuses on why Mallow isn’t the most useless character.

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