Episode 25: Hold That Conference Call, I’m Jungling!

We here at Debate This Corp, LLC, want to make a game but we don’t really know anything about game development. But there is one thing we do know about, and that’s Corporate America. So we would like to present to you, dear listener, our pitch for a massively-multiplayer online RPG based in the world of 9-5 office jobs. You know how cool it is to shoot fireballs from your hands? Well what if instead of fireballs, those were witty social media posts and JIRA tickets?

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Episode 7: More Airtight Than Yoshi’s Butthole

Mario has had many sidekicks throughout his career. This week’s episode has us discussing which of his past partners is the best. A flu-addled Andrew goes toe-to-toe against a sleep-deprived Matt and things get...gross. Todd brings an old flame to the table.

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Episode 5: Might, Magic, and Mario

In the last years of the SNES life cycle came a game that grew a whole new generation of RPG fans: Super Mario RPG. Fans are still clamoring for the sequel that never came. Instead, we received two new franchises as spiritual successors in the form of the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series. We discuss whether or not the new games successfully improved upon the original, but Todd instead focuses on why Mallow isn’t the most useless character.

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