Episode 24: Talkin' Tungsten

It is the year 20XX. Gigantic monsters have appeared from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to wreak havoc, and so our only option is to build larger robots largely themed around specific elements and/or animals to combat them. The only thing standing between us and absolute destruction is the combined power of Flash Man, Guts Man, and Armored Armadillo. We’re screwed.

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Episode 15: How Many People Has Waluigi Killed?

To celebrate the release of Venom’s very own movie, we’re all about the black alien goop in today’s episode. The Debate This! boys are writing our own kickass treatments for Venom by pairing the Symbiote with a classic Nintendo character. Think of the nightmares come to life if Kirby had slimy tendrils or if Samus could dominate over the wills of her enemies. Or, Captain Falcon could, ummm...drive faster?

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Episode 14: I'm Sexy When the Bones Go Away

Heroes and villains have long been given god-like powers haphazardly while mere mortals have prayed that the all-powerful beings around them don’t erase them from existence with laser eyes because they’re having a bad day. So today on Debate This! we talk about what superpowers would have the potential to be the most horrifying if they were real. Andrew plays mind games, Kyle investigates the chemical makeup of our blood, and Matt says “bone protrusions” more than anyone in the world ever has or should.

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Episode 11: The Devil Went Down to My Potluck

Bible school, Sunday picnics, spaghetti dinners...we all have our own personal experiences with Religion, but thank Whatever-God-You-Believe-In that real religions aren’t like the ones in video games. In this episode, we unpack some bonkers religions found in video games. Andrew reps a giant whale, Todd flings peasants into the sunset, and Matt rocks out with his naughty bits out.

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