Episode 18: Don't Bring a Knife to a Glue Gun Fight

Michael Keaton’s Vulture is the latest of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery to get the “gritty reboot” treatment. With the rumors of Jake Gyllenhaal donning Mysterio’s fishbowl in “Far From Home,” we’d like to present you with updates to some of Spidey’s more goofier villains. The “Silly Sixties” strike back as we discuss classic villains like Paste-Pot Pete, Chameleon, and The Jackal.

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Episode 15: How Many People Has Waluigi Killed?

To celebrate the release of Venom’s very own movie, we’re all about the black alien goop in today’s episode. The Debate This! boys are writing our own kickass treatments for Venom by pairing the Symbiote with a classic Nintendo character. Think of the nightmares come to life if Kirby had slimy tendrils or if Samus could dominate over the wills of her enemies. Or, Captain Falcon could, ummm...drive faster?

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