Episode 38: The Spirit of the Baltimore Ravens is To Win

Metal Gear Solid is a very silly game. Please bear that in mind while we explain the premise of this week’s episode is that the military has decided that it’s somehow up to us to stop all the biggest, baddest bosses of the MGS series by unleashing a single Kirby to lead us to victory. So now instead of a flame crown or ice breath, Kirby is going to acquire psychic powers, four tentacle arms, and a really big gun.

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Episode 29: In Between Pennywise Thighs

The Top Generals of the World’s Military need our help! The R&D department of Debate ThisI Corp. has been tasked with developing a new weaponized vehicle, so naturally we’re going to pull blueprints from games because that is a totally normal thing to do. Instead of boring old helicopters, how about the AV-49 Wasp from Halo? Why drive that tank when you could fire napalm from a reinforced ice cream truck? Bomber planes not providing the ummph you need? This warp star is guaranteed to provide much more explode-ier results!

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Episode 28: Agent Kirby’s Pillow Palace

DC’s Blackest Night arc in the mid-2000s finally accomplished the thing that 30 years of comics preceding it couldn’t—it finally made the Green Lantern cool by adding other Lanterns of different colors of the spectrum. So we decided to overlay some of our favorite Smash Bros characters onto these lesser-known Lanterns to make some truly unstoppable forces. We’ve got a zombified R.O.B. that worships death, an Incineroar with rage-induced bloodfire vomit, and everyone’s favorite eldritch horror, Kirby!

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Episode 15: How Many People Has Waluigi Killed?

To celebrate the release of Venom’s very own movie, we’re all about the black alien goop in today’s episode. The Debate This! boys are writing our own kickass treatments for Venom by pairing the Symbiote with a classic Nintendo character. Think of the nightmares come to life if Kirby had slimy tendrils or if Samus could dominate over the wills of her enemies. Or, Captain Falcon could, ummm...drive faster?

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