Episode 29: In Between Pennywise Thighs

The Top Generals of the World’s Military need our help! The R&D department of Debate ThisI Corp. has been tasked with developing a new weaponized vehicle, so naturally we’re going to pull blueprints from games because that is a totally normal thing to do. Instead of boring old helicopters, how about the AV-49 Wasp from Halo? Why drive that tank when you could fire napalm from a reinforced ice cream truck? Bomber planes not providing the ummph you need? This warp star is guaranteed to provide much more explode-ier results!

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Episode 20: Enter the Vibration Dimension

It’s the holiday season, so that means it’s time to shower each other with good will and material love. The Debate This! boys are exchanging gifts in the form of crappy third-party gaming peripherals. Have you ever wanted to get kicked in the chest by Scorpion? How about firing a gun with your vocal cords? Santa wouldn't touch this garbage with a ten-foot pole.

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