Episode 33: Make America Gotta Go Fast...Again

Oh Sonic...our very fast boy with a very complicated past. He’s been a street fighter, an Olympic athlete, a zero gravity surfboard racer, and even a knight facing off against King Arthur. We decided to give everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog yet another second chance by fixing some of Sonic’s more pained gimmicks. Our crack team of armchair-quarterbacking game designers are proposing massive overhauls to Sonic and The Secret Rings, the Werehog, and the edgy ‘dark’ version of Sonic whose power is gun-having.

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Episode 8: The Only Thing Worse Than Charmy Bee is Cardi B

Hoo boy, the Chaotix...the B-listers of the Sonic Extended Universe. Anyone remember these guys? No? Well, we dove deep and brought you way too much lore around Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Mighty the Armadillo. But, who’s the best? It really doesn’t matter.

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Episode 2: Robot Beanpocalypse

In this week’s episode of Debate This!, we discuss whether or not any of Eggman’s death inventions could have been made legitimate. Does the Drill Tank have any utility as a mining tool? Could the Mean Bean Machine be re-engineered to solve world hunger? Will Metal Sonic be the one to save us all in the inevitable robot apocalypse?

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