Episode 35: The Ballad of Sad Brent

Before Guitar Hero taught the world about Dragonforce, before Dance Dance Revolution brought us Darude, there was only one game series defined by its licensed music. And that series is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Everyone has fond memories of grinding rails and doing siiick reverse indy nosebones skating to Goldfinger’s Superman. Or how about kickflipping a 520 ollie and wallplanting while Powerman 5000 blares in the background? A 360 shove it to a benihana and Primus is playing? Are these even words? What the hell were we all thinking back then?

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Episode 23: Burt Belker, Regional Sales Manager and Master of Chaos

The poor DC Cinematic Universe just can’t catch a break. We thought there might be some momentum with Wonder Woman, but then Justice League and Batman vs. Superman happened. So it’s time to force a heel-turn. We’re going to recast some of the more iconic heroes that have had some less-than-stellar appearances at in the theater. Get ready for some new, hot takes on Superman, Green Lantern, and the world’s greatest detective...Man-Bat!

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